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In 2009 we, Alex and Michael, founded mikamaro in Cologne. It was our goal to build beautiful and high-quality urban bikes with innovative solutions which would reflect our passion for cycling. Cycling means living for us. No other form of transport allows us to be in such contact with our environment. The wind in our face shows us that we fight and want to fight the elements in everyday life. Speed only bound by our own bodies intoxicates us and our bodies pulse with life when we use our muscles. We discover our cities and people on a bike. There’s sure to be a new encounter at the next traffic light. We’re not shielded, but right in the middle.

Bikes which function perfectly in any weather and every situation are just more fun and allow us to dive deeper into this world. We make exclusive use of components and materials that we would use ourselves and have convinced us. We want to cycle and not repair. And who doesn’t love to glide through a city on a beautiful bike?

Our goal

All bikes are 100% handcrafted and tested to the smallest detail before every delivery. As a German manufacturer quality is our top priority. We know that high-quality component and materials are decisive for long cycling pleasure and make exclusive use of components and materials that we would use ourselves and have convinced us.
We find beauty in the clear and harmonious forms as well as in the elaborated details. The easiness of cycling is ideally reflected in the design of the bike. The design cannot lead to compromises with the materials, however. The use of high-quality materials is the prerequisite for long cycling joy. And it’s more fun to glide through the city on a beautiful bike!
Our goal is to build bikes that function in every situation and weather. Nothing is worse than technology which keeps us from cycling. Urban Bikes don’t need 27 gears, but demand an intelligent integration of this technology. For this reason, we depend on reduced, invisible and innovative solutions for our Urban Bikes (i.e. maintenance-free internal gear hub with belt drive) which emphasizes the clean form and clear lines of the bikes.

We recognized very early that belt drives promote the joy of cycling. They are maintenance-free, quiet and durable. Rattling chains, dirty pant legs and hands are a thing of the past. We continue to work on new innovative solutions to improve our bikes.

Bikes which function in any weather and situation are fun and allow us to make them to our daily companions. For this reason we use belt drives in combination with internal gear hubs. This drive concept is the perfect maintenance-free technology for daily cycling pleasure. Rattling chains, oil-soiled pants or poorly functioning components are no fun. We use only components and materials we are convinced of and would use for ourselves. And who doesn’t love riding a beautiful bike through the city!
Our environment is important and we want to make a contribution. Our bikes are durable through the use of high-quality components. If anything breaks, the components can be replaced separately. Our frames consist of light triple butted CrMo steel. The production is energy efficient and ecological (in contrast to carbon and aluminum frame production). 98% of all components are recyclable. Polluting lubricants are not needed due to the use of the maintenance-free belt drive, the encapsulated gear hub and sealed industrial ball bearings. And finally, your individual mobility contributes to environmental sustainability.
Passion and fun is more than important for our work and our products. We believe and know that our joy in cycling and our work is reflected in our products. Our fun and incentive flows into our bikes and in the end becomes your bike!

Pure Passion
Michael Nagler
Michael NaglerFounder
After a long day, I enjoy to “fly” my bike (inky blue Single Speed Bike) through the dark city and to relive freedom and pure adrenaline!

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