Together with the German company Kappstein we presented at the Berliner Fahrradschau our 2 Speed Urban Bike with Doppio drive.

About the Doppio 2 Speed drive: “The Doppio Bottom Bracket Drive System by Kappstein is a milestone in the era of BB Drive Systems for bicycles. Kappstein is the only company to offer a BB drive system that provides two different ways of shifting gears. With the Doppio BX version, no buttons are required to change gears. Gear shifting is simply done by back pedaling once, and then immediately pedaling forwards. With the Doppio CX version, shifting occurs comfortably with a wire shifter on the handlebar. The gear ratio for both versions is 1:1,57.(…)”

Please visit the Kappstein webpage for more information about the 2 Speed drive.

Please write us a message when you are interested in a 2 Speed Urban Bike with Doppio drive. We are evaluating to offer this bicycle in the future. Our new avid blue Single Speed Bike (available mid of April 2017) can be ordered with the Doppio 2 Speed drive as option.