We are very happy to announce that we are just finishing our current production run and will start delivering all pre-ordered bikes around 21st April. We thank you very much for your patience. As of next week Wednesday, many models will be back in stock and available for immediate delivery. Get your favorite number now!

It’s such a happiness that we are in the position to offer you bikes just in time for the start of the cycling season. We are proud of that. This has not been an easy road and has required a lot of hard work and effort. At the moment, due to the current situation, it is not a given that everything will work out on time. Production has become very complex and now requires long-term planning.

Right up until the last minute, we were worried about getting urgently needed components on time. Component delivery times have increased drastically in recent months, making production planning complex and not always predictable. Some component manufacturers already have delivery times of up to 2 years (instead of normally about 3 months).

In spite of strongly increased prices (manufacturing, transport costs, etc.), we have raised our prices by less than 3%. We want to continue to offer you high quality, beautiful and innovative bikes with a good value for money.

Please order your desired model in time. Already now, some models, e.g. “emerald green”, are almost sold out for 2021.

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We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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