Our upcoming mika amaro “emerald green” 8 speed urban bike is nominated for the Cycle Award 2020 in the current issue of the German Cycle Magazine.

Support us and vote for our bike! Just send a mail to redaktion@cycle-mag.de with the following content:

Subject: “Cycle Award 2020”

Text: “U5 mika amaro, C1 to 8 and E1 to 19” (important for C and E please choose one model each e.g. C3 or E16)

Explanation: “U5” for mika amaro in the Urban Bike category, “C1 to C8” – 8 bikes from the Cargo Bike category are to choose from, “E1 to E19” – 19 bikes from the Electric Bike category are to choose from. You can find the complete overview in the current Cycle Magazine.

Closing date for entries is 15.01.2020!

Great things will be raffled among all participants.

Give us your vote and help us to win the Cycle Award 2020!